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i just dont get why some people are so rude?

Our neighbor has been rude and mean since the first day we moved in.  Ben was only 6 and he was playing in the stones they had around a big tree and she came out and yelled at him to get out of there.   Well we have managed to not say anything to them if at all possible to avoid any conflicts.  The next summer Ed was cutting down some dead trees up behind our house when this not so friendly neighbor came running out of her house and up the hill to see what he was doing and of course to yell at him and tell him he better not be cutting down any of her trees ( like if they are dead who cares).   Then one some summer we decided to change how far out the retain wall stuck so we could put our pool up on the spot where the weed bed and been. Well a friend drove his bobcat up the hill next to our house and then next thing we know the city is knocking our door to see what we are doing. Oh you have to have a permit to move over 90 cubic ft of dirt.   Last summer we repainted our house a light yellow, which our neighbor told us they didn’t like the color, who cares she is not paying for the paint.    This evening was the kicker, we have dirt in the driveway so we are parked on the street until we get it put where it needs to go. Ed pulled up to the curb just past our mailbox and they came flying out saying that he couldn’t park in front of their property, what a bunch of bull.  Like you can tell anyone that can’t park on a public street just because it is in front of your house.  Oh and again they said we should repaint our house because it looks like crap but at least we finished painting our house and not part of it like their’s, it is 2 different colors .   Didn’t know I had to get my neighbors permission on what color I painted my house.  Ok I am done with my rant of the rude neighbor.   Now to get the 10 ft fence.

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